Meeting the Best People

One thing I really like is meeting other public defenders.  As my clinic teacher used to say, "Public defenders are the best people in the world."

If not the "best," they're at least usually like-minded.  And in a world where our chosen profession is often misunderstood, that is no small thing.

If you are a public defender having some doubts, or experiencing "burn out," I would suggest going to a PD conference, maybe even in another state, and making some new friends.  It helps to realize there are people going through the same (or worse) challenges, and people you can swap war stories with - who haven't already heard all your best ones.  It's like a little spa retreat for the professional mind.

I'm not going to go as far as to say that professional development can be a form of self-care, but at least the socializing aspect can be a form of... career-care? Is there a better term for it than that?

And, never say never, some day you might be looking for a new job and those connections you made might really pay off.

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