Lunch Lady

I usually eat lunch at my desk, but yesterday I grabbed lunch at a place near the courthouse.  While I ate, two men sat down at the table next to me.  I wasn't trying to listen to their conversation, but, well, our tables were really close together.  I quickly figured out that they were finance-types, and then tried to block out their finance-related conversation (because I wouldn't understand it anyway).  But then I just happened to hear one of the men drop the words "public defender" at the end of his sentence.  I tuned back into the conversation to hear the other man reply:
I knew two lawyers who were public defenders.  They were really great lawyers.  Really smart and really hard-working.  You know, they just have to keep fighting for justice.  It's like, they're always the underdogs, and they just always have to keep fighting.  They really have to be persistent.  I would say public defenders are the best lawyers. They have to be.
I'll tell you, that may have been one of the best lunches I've had in a long time.  It may have been more expensive than bringing a sandwich to gulp down at my desk, but, as they say, it was priceless. I hope to be back to that place.