Tin Foil Apartment

I had a client once who lived in a Tin Foil Apartment.

The foil, of course, helped to keep the Jews from reading his mind. Or so he told me. I kind of figured that if they had mind reading technology, a thin layer of aluminum foil probably wouldn't matter, but what do I know.

(image from Apartment Therapy)

My client ended up in a hospital, not on the Apartment Therapy website.

I'm not quite sure where he went wrong. Maybe because he didn't "tuft" the walls.


  1. What's strange about tinfoil rooms is that it almost-kinda makes sense. If you enclose a volume of space with an electrically conductive material, then radio signals (and other electromagnetic waves) can't get in or out. Computers that handle classified data are sometimes enclosed in rooms built this way -- although they use sterner stuff than tinfoil -- so that the electronic emissions of the circuits can't be detected and read.

    Of course, this would only work for people like your client if mind reading is based on electromagnetic radiation...which only the CIA knows for sure.

  2. I think it could also help to keep your drinks from getting warm. (You know, like the foil inside a cooler bag?)

  3. This actually does work to keep Jews from reading your mind. It's not so much that their mental powers can't penetrate tin foil, but rather that Jews simply show no interest in such a cheap metal.

    On the other hand, simply wearing gold earrings will get your brain a constant scanning by Jews.

    And just because I don't want to perpetuate any negative stereotypes, let me make it clear that I don't think all Jews have psychic powers. I just meant my comments in regard to psychic Jews.

  4. I love that! Had client once who was convinced that the "Hebrews and Mooslims" were out to steal his invention. Of course, I kept scratching my head because... my name doesn't get more Jewish.

  5. Oh, dear. I bet nothing goes with that color scheme.

  6. Hey :)

    I likw your blog are you like a blonde lawyer?

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  7. This room looks so strange and futuristic. Not sure about the mind reading theory though....

  8. Wow this is a really insane room. I bet it is always cold??

  9. Not sure about the mind reading but your drinks would certainly remain at a consistant temperature.

  10. This reminds me of a This American Life story with a guy who lined his hat with tin foil to prevent aliens from reading his thoughts. Was your client ever the subject of an Ira Glass broadcast? ;)

  11. Technical comment: foil or metal does not keep out (or keep in) radio signals. It does contain static electricity. Because radio signals have a magnetic as well as electric component. That is why the signals are called electromagnetic.
    Jews know this and take full advantage. (LOL because I am jewish too)

    1. I know that was a joke but aluminum sheeting, if thick enough (even thick foil for low-strength signals) makes a fine RF shield. Google "Faraday cage" or even "shield room" for the explanation. The magnetic permeability but electrical conductivity is why your microwave doesn't fry you through those little holes in the door (the waves are much longer than the holes are big), but why a compass still works in a shield room.