Fantasy Living

I have this town, well, city really, that I imagine I'll move to.  Maybe everyone does this.  But when things get stressful, I like to load up Trulia Real Estate Search and search for the house I'm going to live in, when I move.

Maybe it's like when you go on vacation, and of course you think "I could move here."  It's kind of come to be an ideal, maybe even a fantasy.  If I moved there, things would be perfect, and my life would be better and I could own an ice cream maker.  (My current tiny apartment is much too small for me to reasonably purchase an ice cream maker, which will take up a substantial amount of my kitchen storage only to be used a few times a year.)  And a fancy cake stand with a glass lid.

So, of course, the house has to be pretty perfect, to fit this fantasy lifestyle and all of the kitchen gadgets and accessories that come with it.  Which is why, I was super excited when I found a house with an indoor pool.  Yup, an indoor pool.  Indoors.  I can just imagine pool parties in the middle of the winter.  Swimming laps during a thunderstorm.  And, seriously, even the worst day in the world has to seem pretty good when you can come home, no matter the weather, and take a quick swim.  Right?  Right.

And while I can plan my pool parties ignoring the fact that I don't know anyone in town to invite to my pool parties, I can also avoid googling "cost of maintaining indoor heated pool."  Which I imagine might be great, both financially and environmentally.  But we're not there yet.  I'm still in the excited-about-swimming phase.

I was so excited, I even emailed it to my friend who is on my plan with me.  I don't know whether I'm her enabler, or she's mine, but the plan is that we can both move to this city, and that makes it even more fantastic.  And if she moves there too, I have someone to invite to my pool parties, of course.

Anyway... bad news in fantasy world.  My house with the indoor pool is gone from the real estate search. It doesn't appear to be sold because the home information says "Last sold August 2005."  But it could be in the process of being sold.  Or, maybe the homeowners decided to hold onto the house a little longer, maybe paint it pink, so it could be ready and available for me when I'm ready to move. 

Here comes the part where you can call me crazy... I emailed the realtor.  Luckily, because I had emailed it to my friend, I still had the agency info.  I just inquired whether it sold or whether it is off the market.  Maybe I'll get some more information.  Does emailing the realtor on a house I have no intention to move to right away qualify me as delusional?   Probably.

But keep your fingers posted for me and my indoor pool.  Hey, a girl's gotta dream, right?


  1. There is a recession. The realtor has plenty of time to answer your question about the house and assist in the fantasy. Besides, we all need a place to go on the dark days. I google names for my flower shop that I am going to open up someday. =)

  2. Nothing wrong with dreaming! I love your blog. I am a court and police interpreter in a rural county in Texas

  3. Yeah, I say shoot for the moon!! Why not? So many good things I got in life because I decided not to listen to the naysayers. Let us know what happens.

  4. Yes! I will be moving to the lovely state of Nevada as soon as I can afford a car that I'm confident will handle a road trip of over 50 miles. My Trulia home will be waiting for me. It's saved in my "Get Outta Dodge" folder (you can borrow that heading if you'd like).