Checking In

I have a little less to say recently.  I find that as I handle more serious cases, there is less to joke about. 

I have this funny case, where my client broke into this guy's house and...  See, there's just not that much set up for a joke there. 

The other problem is that I receive about 30 comments a day I need to moderate, almost all spam.  A while back, someone suggested that if I'm going to moderate comments anyway, I don't need to have the "type in the blurry word" mechanism, since I'm going to sort out the junk anyway.  So, I eliminated the blurry word thing, and there wasn't much of a problem.  But now the spam comments have increased exponentially.  Now when I have a few minutes, I log in to check on Blonde Justice, I spend ten minutes deleting spam, and then I've hit my wall or used up my time for that day. So I think I'm going to have to try bringing back "type in the blurry word" if I have any plans to keep this blog going.  (I wish blogger would do more to figure out what the spam is, and somehow sort it out for me, but it doesn't.) 

So, that's all for today.  Oh wait, I did have one stupid case, that inspired a funny exchange.  My client was charged with vending in a public park without a permit.  I noticed that the complaint said he was selling CDs, and I wanted to know if perhaps they were his own CDs, meaning his own performances, in which case I might have a First Amendment exception to the charges (I didn't know if it would fly, since the rule seems to be a content-neutral time, place, or manner rule, but I figured it didn't hurt to ask.) 

"Yeah, I'm a rapper," he said, and told me his rap name.  

"Oh, that's cool, I have a rap name too," and I told him my rap name. 

I don't think I've ever had a client look at me with such respect before.  Ok, so it's not really a "rap name," it's really just a nickname, but isn't that all a rap name is, really?


  1. So do we get to know your rap name? Or would it be too close to your real identity?

    Happy to see you post

  2. Rap name or no rap name, you will always have mad respect from me. Dawg.

  3. Here's one real human, not a spambot, stopping by to say:
    1. the first lines of this post? So very true.
    2. the fact that you're still blogging? So very appreciated.

  4. That's awesome that you have a rap name!

    And I just switched my commenting from haloscan to blogger. I've never had a problem with spam (knock on wood). Maybe because not that many people read my blog?

  5. "Dear Diary. Sorry I haven't written recently, but I have been very busy . . . "

    Stop whining and get busy cranking out the entries. Your public demands it. You shouldn't let us down.