Scariest show on TV:  Hoarders on A&E.   It's like Intervention for Hoarders.

It is like a nightmare for me.  I just can't imagine anything so terrible.   On this one episode, they found two dead cat skeletons under piles of garbage.  She had her kid taken from her.  She had no plumbing, no running water.  It is so disturbing.

I consider my mother a pack-rat.  Not a hoarder, not as bad as the people on the show, but someone who keeps things for no real reason, buys things for no real reason.  I can relate to the adult children of the hoarders on the show.

I guess I have a bit of a backlash.  I struggle with what to keep and what to toss.  Sometimes I have an urge to keep something ridiculous and then worry "Is this the first step to turning into a pack-rat?" and throw it out.  I figure it's better to throw something out and either have to buy another or live without than to find myself buried in trash. 

And yet, I can still relate, just a tiny bit.  I live in a tiny apartment.  Sometimes I have a pile of clothes that doesn't fit into my dresser or my closet.  Books that don't fit on the book shelf.  I guess I can imagine a scenario where, over the years, it just grows worse and worse over the years and you just don't know where to start.  Especially if you add in some kind of mental illness. 

Clearly, the Hoarders are a whole different category.  It kills me to watch it, and yet I need to watch until the end to see the house clean. 

It makes me want to go clean something, to throw something away.  But if you haven't watched it, you probably need to see at least one episode.


  1. I've never seen the show, but I did see a magazine article about the woman you mention -- the one with the dead cat skeletons. There was a photo of her living room, buried in feet of dirty dishes and wrappers and unbelievable trash. The article said that the television crew had to wear some sort of mask because the stench was so overpowering. It was so, so sad; in part because that woman's house will probably begin to decline as soon as the intervention is concluded.

  2. I watch that show and Intervention. Hoarders is like watching a train wrteck. You don't want to watch, yet you can't help it.

    One of the episodes that stick out in my mind is the woman who would not get rid of the food. She had stuff in her freezer from the late 80's. How she didn't get sick from some of that stuff is amazing!

    My mom is a pack rat, almost boarderline hoarder. I often say that when she passes, I am only going to take those things I that I want from the house and then burn it.

  3. That show really grosses me out. I just came across your blawg- I love it. If you get a chance here's mine:

  4. This show terrifies me. I can't watch it any more, because it makes me freak out.
    There was one episode that I saw that had them called in because of animals - they had like 30 live cats in their house/garage (and the normal hoarder clutter throughout) and when they went through the garage and attic? They found hundreds of cat and kitten skeletons.
    It made me almost sick and it made me cry.

  5. I don't watch the show (I've been to enough hoarder clutterer rentals). You have to remember, these people have an actual mental illness going on. Makes it difficult for them to do anything to change.

    Little side story, one time, in order to get my client the necessary deal, I had to scavenge through a hoarder clutter place looking for specific coffee cans. Fortunately, my client's memory as to which pile they were in was right on. I didn't have to explore the rest of the place. Almost scared me enough to become a neat freak. ;)

  6. Yes, I'm also addicted to this show. I can't tear my eyes away!