Hoarders Nightmare

I had a dream, a nightmare really, last night.  In the dream, I was going to sleeping in a dorm room.  As I fell asleep, I realized that the next morning I was supposed to move out and I hadn't packed yet.  So I got up to pack and I realized my dorm room was filled with garbage, like the episode of Hoarders.  I was trying to throw out all of the garbage and pack up the things that were most important to me, in a rush.  But I just kept coming across more garbage.

I can't remember the last time I had a nightmare from a TV show.  Thus proving, Hoarders is the scariest TV show.


  1. Time for you to start watching someone else, then!

  2. Isn't it freaky? I've been watching that show as well, but so far it hasn't penetrated my dreams. So far!

  3. I live in Australia so have not seen this program Hoarders. But I myself am a hoarder. I have OCD, but medication cures completely the part about going back 11 times to ensure that I have locked the door. It does not cure my hoarding problem. I find it very difficult to throw things out but worse I salvage stuff that other people throw out in local government rubbish clean ups. In truth I have salvaged some very useful things, but also many that even I have to admit are junk. I don't know how many probably non working computer main boards and power supplies I have but every time I see a poor lonely computer that has been thrown out I feel the urge to rescue it. Sometimes I manage to resist. I have not yet assembled a working computer from the parts although I have used up several salvaged key boards.

    But I have a recurring nightmare that resembles yours. I am stuck somewhere outdoors in sand and I have spilled the contents of a container of valuable tiny pieces of junk and am trying to get them back in their container but they keep vanishing, mutating and repeatedly escaping from their container. It is such a silly dream but the mental discomfort I am in as I wake from it is very real.

  4. You have a book problem, I can trump that.

    I never throw out books and have been accumulating them for 50 years and in addition I have all my late parents' books. I am going through the process of cataloging them and covering them in plastic. So far the catalog is up to 3890 and I still have 2 rooms full of bookshelves left in my late parents house which I have not yet sold.
    I am beginning to think of books as a problem. Thankfully we are near the end of the age of the physical books. None of the e-book readers that exist so far do I consider suitable, two proprietry, two limited in capacity, what happens if it breaks etc.

    When the age of the e book truly arrives I suspect the e-book reader of choice will be the ordinary PC, or laptop or notebook PC or net-book or whatever replaces all of these and a library will consist of a terrabyte hard disk or perhaps the same amount in a USB key filled with .pdf files. Once you get used to reading in the restricted window that a computer provides, using electronic documents is relatively painless. I will regret having to buy e-copies of all my existing books though.

    I hate to think of what I will do with my books when I get to God's waiting room age.