TV, my great escape

1.  I was thinking of quitting Greek at the end of the season like I quit The Secret Life.  I was disappointed when Jordan moved away.  What happened there?  Rusty & Jordan were so cute together and then she just moves away?  But, after last week's episode...

(it's not a spoiler if it aired more than a week ago)...

with the Casey & Cappy kiss at the end, Greek, I know I can't quit you.  I haven't even watched the finale yet because I'm looking forward to savoring it.

2.  Best show ever?  Man Shops Globe.  I can't think of anything that better combines my loves of travel shows and explorative shopping.  Keith Johnson has my dream job.  Being flown to Turkey to shop the bazaar for inspirational pieces?  I can only imagine. 

3.  Has anyone watched Pawn Stars on the History channel yet?  I just saw a commercial and it looked interesting, so I'm going to be setting up the Tivo for this one. 

Any other good TV shows I'm missing?


  1. Wow..I haven't heard of a single show you've mentioned! I know I've been out of touch with what's cool on tv these days, but man, I'm even more lame than I thought I was...(sobs quietly in corner)

  2. Glee. Glee is by far the best show on television right now.

  3. Burn Notice and Psych (not the Mentalist).

  4. I am such a fan of Greek. I got Season 2 and 3 from a friend and am currently hooked on it. I really like Casey's new BF and the story line has become so interesting!