The Penalty for Blogging

Sometimes people ask me if it would really be that bad if I got outed as Blonde Justice. I don't know, I try to be pretty careful, I don't name names, I change details of stories to protect others' privacy and confidentiality but still convey my experiences.

This story in the NY Times last week, though, reminded me just how important staying anonymous is, A Legal Battle for Lawyers - Online Attitude vs. Rules of the Bar:

But Mr. Conway is a lawyer. And unlike millions of other online hotheads, he found himself hauled up before the Florida bar, which in April issued a reprimand and a fine for his intemperate blog post...

That penalty is light compared with the price paid by Kristine A. Peshek, a lawyer in Illinois who lost her job as an assistant public defender after 19 years of service over blog postings and who now faces disciplinary hearings as well.
may be required. Try if you need an id.


  1. I understand protecting the privacy of others and confidentiality issues ... but the retribution many face for honesty in social networking highlights the fact that Freedom of Speech is not protected when it comes to employment for most people. In fact, we park most of our "rights" when it comes to the workplace, some of them just for as long as we are physically at work, but far more are lost forever if you want to keep a job.

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