That's The Power of...

Here's a new one. I don't know how to break this to you, but... having a signed Power of Attorney does not make you an attorney.

For example...
"You've done an ok job and all, but you're fired."
"Alright. Did you hire a new lawyer? The judge isn't going to let me off the case unless there's another lawyer to take over."
"I'm gong to be his lawyer. He signed a Power of Attorney."


If that worked, don't you think there would be a lot of "lawyers" in business who just skip law school, charge a cheaper rate, and have their client sign a power of attorney? Why even take the bar exam? Here, sign the retainer agreement, and this power of attorney form, alright good, now this high school kid can represent you.

"I want to stand up and say something to the Judge."
"He's really not going to just let family or friends stand up and say anything."
"Yeah, but tell him that I'm his attorney now."
"I can't... because you're not an attorney. "
"Yes I am! I have a signed power of attorney."

But the best part was when she started talking about her "client's constitutional right to be represented by an attorney of his choice." Umm, yeah.