Prioritizing Your Trial Preparation

"Listen. I don't care if you want to send me on a wild goose chase, looking for some kind of alibi that doesn't exist. If you want me to go here and there, looking for places that might have you on video, looking for proof that doesn't exist. I don't mind.

But remember, I only have so much time to spend on any one case. And if you want me to waste yours searching for your fictional alibi witnesses, that's fine. Like I said, no problem for me. Being out in the field is sometimes more fun that being in the office, prepping a case for trial.

But those hours spent are hours I'm not spending researching potential legal issues in your case, or coming up with a... what do you call that... defense. You know, things that might actually help you, unlike pointlessly sending me on a train up and down town all day.

But that's your decision. You let me know."

To which my client said...

"Uh huh. I just thought of another place I coulda been. Write this down, you can subpoena the video..."


  1. Yeah, but think how cool it would be if it worked!

  2. It would be totally cool if it worked.

    I have lots of those too!

  3. Egads!!! It's like banging your head against a wall.