Ounce of Prevention

I try to be a holistic attorney.

Generally, the younger the client, the more time I spend on the little extras - reminding them about court dates, reminding them about things they can do between court dates to help their case, helping them figure out how to avoid further legal trouble.

For one recent young client, I spent a lot of time talking to him and his family about what to do when they felt the police were harassing them in the neighborhood. I've represented him on some tickets he had outstanding. I got him signed up for a college prep program. I got him an application for a summer job. I've spent my waiting time in court helping him with his homework and reviewing his job applications and resume.

But when I met his young girlfriend today in court, all I could think was "If I don't google 'where to find free condoms' and print the list for this client, all my effort will have wasted."


  1. You really are a great lawyer, Blonde Justice! To go above and beyond and to try to impove people's lives like that..you are one in a million :o)

  2. Wow, what a great thing you have done for this young man. Let's hope he makes the right choices and can appreciate all you've done. And I'd get to googlin'! lol

  3. You have a nice and refreshing approach to practicing law! Very interesting blog you have going....I'll be sure to check you out more.

  4. wow. you're doing a great job. keep it up