Apparently, I Would Slap My Father

Have you heard about this? It's in every newspaper.

The articles, such as this from the New York Times (try if you need a password): Op-Ed Columnist - Would You Slap Your Father? If So, You’re a Liberal, basically describes how liberals and conservatives express the emotion of disgust at different things.

Examples are how disgusted a person would feel when stepping barefoot on an earthworm or smelling urine in a tunnel. Conservatives feel more disgusted than liberals. Perhaps the smell of urine is the real reason why conservatives can't be public defenders.

For example, the other day in court, I had an old man client. He asked me if he could go to the bathroom before his case was called. He came back into the courtroom with the entire front of his pants wet. Was I disgusted? Nah, more like amused. Did I shake his hand? No, I'm liberal, not crazy.

Anyway, I can see it now. A whole new branch of voir dire questions. "Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I just found a fly in water. I'm going to keep drinking it anyway. Raise your hand if you're disgusted. Your honor, I would like to use my peremptory challenges on the people raising their hands."

If you want to try the questions yourselves, they're at YourMorals.Org. (You have to register, I don't think bugmenot is going to help you for this one.)


  1. I hadn't heard about that, but it sounds interesting...and plausible.

  2. Here at the Wisconsin State Public Defender, we do have a number of conservative staff attorneys. They tend towards the libertarian / distrust government end of the spectrum.

    So, for example, on of our (now deceased) staff lawyers was instrumental in creating a firearms rights state constitutional amendment; several have worked in the legislature for Republican elected representatives and senators; one staff lawyer has a sibling who was very highly placed in the Republican leadership in the legislature (until the good guys took over this year, yay), and one of the higher administrators is the child of a former Republican governor.

    All of these folks are strongly committed to the rights of the accused and care for the indigent. Why their heads don't explode from cognitive dissonance, I don't know. But Republicans can be Public Defenders.

    Maybe we'll start giving them air fresherers instead of anniversary pins every 5 years in light of this study...