Black & Decker B1500 Manual

Please don't think Blonde Justice has been hijacked. I promise to return soon with more on how to prep a trial.

But I need to go off-topic for just a moment. I recently inherited a Black & Decker B1500 Bread Machine. In looking through bread machine cookbooks, I found that most of them give a list of ingredients, and then tell you to add them to the machine as per your machine's manual. One problem: I didn't have the manual. I figured, "no problem," as I set off to google it. Instead of finding it, I found a whole bunch of websites of people looking for the B1500 manual.

I finally got the manual and have it scanned as a PDF. I figured I'd do my public service and make it available, and because this is my only public forum on the internet, I'm doing it here, however off-topic it may seem.

If you want me to email you PDF, please send me an email at blondejustice at gmail dot com.

Keywords (to make this more easily found on the internet): Black & Decker, Black and Decker, bread machine, bread maker, breadmaker, B1500, model B1500, B-1500, bread, manual, instructions, operating instructions, all in one automatic breadmaker.

Thanks, now back to the quirky legal goodness...


  1. This is completely random, but I got a used Toastmaster Breadmaker from a friend who doesn't use it. But she had lost the manual. Little did I know that I would spend two hours trying to hunt down the manual. Every other manual in the world is online, except apparently breadmakers.

  2. Mmmmm...sweet homemade bread. So Jealous.

  3. Save yourself some bandwidth. Post it on and post or email the link to it. If you sign up for a free account you can even earn points from the downloads.

  4. Black & Decker B1500 Manual at this site. Free pdf file (actual manual scanned) includes tips and recipes that were included with machine!