Now With Pronunciation Guide, Free!

After a long day of thinking and whatnot, today's post will attempt to answer one simple question. I hope this helps you, dear googler, where ever you may be....

What do you call the person the lawyer is defending? The defendant.

And, one more thing: I prefer the "di-FEN-duhnt" or "di-FEN-dihnt" pronunciations, and don't really like it when people pronounce it "di-fen-DANT," although that, too, is a proper pronunciation.

This search term, however, I cannot even begin to respond to:


  1. Ranchers need love too

  2. Dude. I thought the person the lawyer is defending was called "the client."

  3. "the perp," "the guilty bastard," "the heavy," "the prisoner," "the convict," "the criminal," "the crook"...

    (I jest.)

  4. Perhaps we are overlooking a coincidence... maybe the person a lawyer is defending is a called a slutty rancher?

  5. Girl With An Itch (1960)

    A slutty, big-breasted blonde hitchhiker enters the life of a lonely fruit rancher, but she's not as altruistic as she appears to be. She's soon sleeping with the rancher's farmhand and causing all sorts of trouble with her curves and cold demeanor. Robert Armstrong, Kathy Marlowe and Robert Clarke star.

  6. More importantly, how did "slutty rancher" bring the Googler to your site....?