Deep Thoughts, by Blonde Justice

Back in, like, the 70s, marijuana was called "dope," right?

But now, I think, "dope" means heroin.

Anyway, I'm wondering if that ever gets confusing. Like, for old drug dealers who were around in the 70s.

You're like, "Hey, man, can I get some dope?" and they're like "Marijuana dope or heroin dope?" And then, since you're starting to feel paranoid anyway, you're like, "What are you a cop? You're trying to get me to say the exact name of the drug?" and then, the old drug dealer never makes any sales. Hey, maybe that's why there aren't too many old drug dealers around.

Oh, wait, I have one more: What if you had an old person on your jury? I'm not saying "old" like senior citizen, I just mean anyone who was of smoking age in the 70s. And your client is charged with selling heroin. Then the undercover says, "I heard that man (indicating the defendant) say 'Want to buy some dope?'" And then the old juror is like, "What? I thought this was a heroin case? Now it's about marijuana? I believe marijuana should be legalized!" And then he votes to acquit. That would be awesome.

Also, seriously, I do believe that some old people are into that medicinal marijuana thing. So, they'd be good jurors too.

This has been another deep thought by Blonde Justice.


  1. Hahahaha..I've always heard marijuana called "pot" but I have a group of lawyer friends who call it "weed."

    My favorite was in law school, the cases we read in Criminal Law that referred to it as "mariHuana." With an h. Just looked so weird!

  2. In one of my forays back into criminal, I was defending a DUI where the driver was also caught with some pot on her. I was talking over what to do with a more experienced solo who does a lot more criminal work. He started asking me how much a "lid" cost. I said I didn't know but that this case was about "pot". He said he knew, asked me some other questions and then went on to muse about how when he was young a lid cost X. Suddenly I realized that lid = pot. Felt rather stupid for a bit.

  3. Hilarious. I work in a prosecutor's office where I am by far the youngest, and everyone there refers to all drugs as "dope"--marijuana, meth, ecstasy, all of it. It kind of weirds me out, so I refuse to use the word myself.

  4. Well, you put a lid on a pot, right? And it makes you dopey?

  5. teahouse said...
    Hahahaha..I've always heard marijuana called "pot" but I have a group of lawyer friends who call it "weed."

    The correct English word is cannabis. Cannabis was made illegal to create work for the Feds after alcohol was legalized again, and the word marijuana was chosen because much of the drive to outlaw it was very racist - it was seen as a 'Mexican' drug and therefore dangerous.

    Once again racism is at the core of horrific destruction of real values.

  6. Hey! Congrats on being nominated for the ABA Blawg 100 nomination.

  7. From a veteran of the late 70's, I recall dope being most all types of drugs. MJ was pot or herb. Now its weed with my PD friends.

  8. RobH - At first I thought your comment said you were a veterinarian in the late 70s. And I was really impressed, and surprised, that anyone would go from being a veterinarian to a PD (you didn't actually say you were a PD, but just PD friends.) Anyway, I thought that was awesome, and I thought you were saying you knew your dope because you were in the medical field, and sometimes I wonder if I could ever be a veterinarian but really I couldn't stand seeing animals in pain, but anyway, this has nothing to do with your comment anyway...