You Can Just Disregard This...

Sometimes, I reach a point where I have posted anything to the blog in a few weeks, and then I start to get this weird writer's block, like, what could possibly be interesting enough, important enough, to return to blogging after such an absence?

And then I need to just post some dumb "throw away" post like this, just to get things going again.

Know what I mean?


  1. Well, it is good to know that you haven't been run over by a truck or anything.

  2. I absolutely know what you mean. It's like the silence needs to be redeemed by something of astonishing brilliance.

  3. Let's hear more about your return to the PD's office . . . still glad you switched back? How's it going? Any good cases? Oh, and what do you think of Raising the Bar, now that we're several episodes in?