First Reactions to "Raising the Bar"

I liked Indefensible. A lot. So, I'm willing to give Raising the Bar another episode or two.

I'd really like to see more of a serious, intelligent Law & Order from a public defender's point of view. If I cared about everyone-is-sleeping-with-everyone, I'd watch soap operas.

But, I'll give it some time. Let's see how it progresses.


  1. I, too, will give it another try because of one scene: that scene where Zack Morris (oops, I mean Jerry) walked out on his friends at the bar after yelling at his prosecutor buddy that it is personal when prosecutor pals try to put our innocent clients behind bars. I could relate to that blow-up by him VERY well as I've had that blow-up. I once went off on a prosecutor in that fashion, to the point where my SO thought he was going to have to hold me back from hitting the poor ADA who made the mistake of speaking well of his boss, who happened to be the prosecutor who imprisoned my most unjustly convicted innocent client. I definitely took it personally that that client was convicted.

    Soap opera antics aside, I'll watch a show whose main character I can relate to that well. (I've never been held in contempt, though.)

  2. I was very excited when I saw a court drama that focused on the public defenders was in the works. My hope was that the show would expose certain aspects of the criminal justice system that shows like Law & Order leave out. Unfortunately, the show lost me when the judge's gay clerk starting kissing down the judge's neck in chambers. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?! I can only suspend disbelief for so long. Not to mention Zack Morris's earnest internalization of the client's problems and innocence. And the show really didn't get into the case at all. (Sigh.) I am willing to give the show some time to work out some of these kinks, but I was disappointed with the premiere.

    Around my office it is already being referred to as "Saved by the Public Defender."

  3. With all due respect to David Feige (and Stephen Boccho) the show is patently unrealistic. The acting is terrible but it seems that the actors have little that is realistic to relat eto and to work with. Although the pilot addressed some real dillemmas of public defenders and others in the system it dealt with those dillemmas in a totally unrealistic way that will turn non-lawyers off. More importantly the show will do little to foster respect for public defenders or to educate the public about the positive contributions that they make to our society. Feige's book, Indefensible, was a far better portrait.

    In short Raising the Bar chose entertainment over real substance and fails at both.

  4. I haven't watched it yet. But if it's good, I'll definitely start!

  5. I have a real problem with the prosecutor and PD having an affair, and having cases together. Totally unethical.