Glamour Contests

I bookmarked this Glamour Contests Website where you can enter all of the contests from Glamour magazine. When I'm on the phone with a client who is repeating himself over and over, I enter to win a trip to Jamaica. Or sandals. Or sunglasses. But I think the trip to Jamaica would be the sweetest justice.

After you enter all of your information, you have to enter one of those security words, like you do when you leave a comment on my blog.

And today, the security word was "shit."

That's not right. But it's funny.


  1. That's pretty funny.

    I do much the same: I web browse when a client starts repeating on the phone. I look over Livejournal a lot, but sometimes go other places. My English students (I teach college at night) were shocked when I let this slip. Apparently, they thought I would do nothing but be sympathetic. That's what my voice is for; it doesn't mean the rest of my attention can't do something else!


  2. I loooove vacations but those Boss Shades are calling my name! Well...not really my name but they would look great on a friend of mine.