Let The Record Reflect...

Just when you think YOU'VE had a bad day in court, you get to read the transcript of a really bad day in court.

Court reporter to razor-wielding defendant: "I will beat the shit out of you." - By Bonnie Goldstein - Slate Magazine

Let this be a reminder to all of our clients - everything you say and do in the courtroom becomes part of the record.

And to court clerks, commentary like "he was depressed and a broken man the last time," probably don't help the situation when the man really is depressed and broken.

He probably looked "better" because this time he had a plan, and a weapon.

(Whereupon there is screaming.)


  1. I know it may have felt like life or death in that courtroom, but I could stop laughing with how many times the guy called him a c*cksucker.

  2. I just heard about a trial where a witness asked the judge right before they were cross examined if they could take a break so they could take a zanax.

  3. I think it's awesome that he was so fast on his feet, acting and thinking quickly and smacking that *%%hole down before he could seriously hurt someone.

    If I were the CR in that chair, I doubt I would have been able to think, let alone react so quickly. If I actually managed to find the ability to move, it would have been AWAY from the fray. I am not brave by any stretch.