Doomed to Repeat It

So... remember last year, when tax day was approaching, and I couldn't find my W-2s? Do you think maybe I learned something from that?

Yes, I learned that I should have left them on the coffee table, where I throw the mail every day. Because then, at least, this comment I left on my own blog would be like a little breadcrumb, leading me in the right direction.

Also, last year I was apparently worried about finding my papers by March 20th. This year, because I'm a busy private law firm lawyer, it's April 9th and I'm going to be cutting it even closer.

Guess we know what I'm doing this weekend.


  1. I have a big file folder where I throw all my tax stuff. Problem is, I never clean it out. I came this close to filing my taxes using my wife's W-2 from last year...

  2. A folder is a good idea. I think I put mine all in a pink folder. I think that because I can't find that folder either.