Cop "Overdoses" on Confiscated Pot

A police officer and his wife from Dearborn, Michigan cooked up a batch of *special* brownies that included marijuana he confiscated from a suspect. He then called 911 because he thought they were dying of an overdose.

Key lines include "I think we're dead" and "Time is going by real slow." I love how the reporter just can't even keep a straight face, and you can hear another reporting actually snorting with laughter off-camera.

Even better, if you look on YouTube you can find a recording of the whole 911 call. Including the beginning, before the 911 operator picks up, when the caller is saying "And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take." He really thought he was dying! How pathetic.

He also asks the operator "What's the score of the Red Wing game?" She asks why, (I'm sure she's wondering if this is some sort of prank), and he says "I just want to make sure I'm not hallucinating or anything."

He also plays this weird little game with the operator, when she asks if he has any weapons in the home, he says no. (I'm thinking, "Really? A police officer doesn't have a gun in his home?") Then she asks again later in the call, and he says "You already asked me that," before admitting that he does have a weapon.

And then finally he says that the police have arrived, and so has his mother-in-law. Ha ha, he first called his mommy to say "I think we're overdosing!"

You already know the serious side of this. This represents every dirty cop, every stupid cop, every clueless cop. Every prosecutor and potential juror should be required to listen to this. What in the world was he thinking?


  1. I remember howling with laughter the first time I heard this.

    As for what he was thinking? Dude was high. And pot has that "I think I'm dying" effect on some people. Really, it does.

  2. what an embarrasment! what an idiot, and a melodrama queen!

  3. (I guess what I meant was, "What was he thinking - stealing pot from the evidence locker? Are pot brownies worth your career? I don't think so.")

  4. Yeah, that's pretty friggin' sad...

  5. Oh man... that's funny. really really really really slow!

    This is why I went to law school after my major in broadcast journalism... I would have been the co-anchor who gets scolded on-air for snorting, laughing at the cop who thinks he's dead from pot brownies.