More "National Enquirer," Less "People Magazine"

My mother is so gullible...

She's been away and hasn't really seen any news. So, when she called tonight, I gave her a few of the headlines she had missed. I told her who had won Survivor... I told her that Britney's little sister is pregnant...

"No!" She couldn't believe it.

"She's only 16." My mother said again, "I can't believe it."

"Yeah," I told her, "And the baby's father is one of Britney's sons."

And I could hear her just processing the whole thing. "The baby's father... is... Britney's son..."

And then she just couldn't stop saying "Oh my god." As in "Oh my god, I didn't realize her kids were that old." "Oh my god, well, that's just... oh my god."

Ha ha. I love tricking my mother. I just keep picturing her striking up conversation with people on her trip. "Did you hear about Britney's little sister?" And they'll be nonchalant about it... and she'll think they condone teen sex with infant nephews! Ha! It's just too funny.

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