Cotton Balls

Old School was on TBS this weekend. They had to clean up the language a little bit for basic cable.

The funniest part was when the one guy tried to demonstrate "earmuffs." (You say "earmuffs," the kid in the room covers his ears, and then it's safe to say "bad words" in front of the kid.)

But there weren't any bad words. So they said "earmuffs" and then said "witch," "darn," and "cotton balls."

Cotton balls.


  1. Hey, I was just watching that on tv tonight as well! That movie makes me giggle.

  2. What's up with the ad Mr. Venie? Kind of preaching to the choir. My guess is most criminal defense attorneys have read the story. No need to advertise your services on Blondie's blog.

  3. Yeah, I went ahead and deleted the ad. If you're interested in advertising on Blonde Justice, email me and maybe we can discuss rates.