Thankful for Doing Nothing

So, what did I do with all my newfound freedom?

Let's see. I did the whole turkey and stuffing thing. I saw family. Watched football.

I had lunch with friends. Until this huge group with a bunch of loud pre-school kids (This was seriously a grown-up restaurant/tavern. Can't you take them to Chuck E. Cheese?) came in, and we literally ran out of there. They were so loud, all their fathers went and sat at the bar, leaving the mothers with the screaming kids. I drank a coffee drink with liquor, yum.

I went to see Enchanted with a friend and her well-behaved children. At a shopping center. On Black Friday. It wasn't that bad. I made up my own parking space right in front of the door, so that worked. (There wasn't a sign, or a hydrant, or lines on the pavement. I was just the only one smart enough to realize that you could park there. And by the time I came out, a few other cars had followed suit.) It was a cute movie and I didn't get a parking ticket. In fact, I even won a free small popcorn somehow.

I worked on making space on my laptop hard drive (it was full, so I haven't uploaded any new songs or photos in months) and updating my ipod. This involved moving my music to an external hard drive, and then stupid itunes couldn't find it, and then the songs disappeared from my ipod, then I had to copy all of the songs back over. Now I want to fix some of the track titles so that everything works perfectly. That could take all night.

I slept, a lot. I took a walk. I watched some Tivo, and too many hours of old America's Next Top Model episodes on MTV. I called to report a fire. Twice. So, eventually, two fire trucks came. I cooked cinnamon rolls, but only the kind that come in a tube. (And, no, that's not where the fire or the fire trucks came into play. At all.)

I thought about Christmas cards. I rearranged a thing or two in my apartment. Nothing big, I put a lamp in a different corner, I hooked up a radio. I got groceries. I gave free rice to the hungry. I watched Elf, one of my favorite holiday movies. I ate Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches (my favorite.) I put the warm winter quilt on the bed.

Overall, it was a pretty low-key long weekend. Just the way I like it.


  1. Oh - I so seriously cannot wait until you have kids of your own.

    You will remember this post and think - damn, karma really does kinda suck.

  2. Why is that karma? Why does being annoyed at people who take their kids to inappropriate places mean you deserve bad things to happen to you?

    Maybe if these people would bring their kids to family-friendly restaurants instead of BARS, people wouldn't get so pissed off at them.

  3. My thoughts exactly, strange bird.

    I've got no problem with people taking their kids out, even to bars/pubs/etc. But this was seriously about 5 mothers, 5 fathers, and about 10 kids. I've seen 4 year-old's birthday parties with fewer kiddies. So what genius in that group said, "I know a great bar we can take them to?"

    Then all the dads went and sat at the bar, and the moms sat with the kids who were literally SCREAMING and CRYING. They didn't want to be there either.

    And I think karma would really only apply if I did something to them - I'm not sure that karma applies to thoughts. But, well, whatever, take your kids to the bar.

  4. I also agree with strange bird. My wife and I have friends with kids. One group tends to bring their kids to adult bars / restaurants while the other group does not.

    Guess which group we hang out with most often.

    I tired of group A's excuse that they cannot find a sitter, etc... My response sorry to hear that, see you next time.

  5. I have been playing with that Free Rice website in class pretty much non-stop the last two days. I don't even feel bad for being on the internet if I'm feeding the hungry!

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  7. Tag!

    And I'm glad to see that there are some perks to your job... days off are definitely nice! BTW, have you read Defending the Damned? It is a story following the homicide unit in the Chicago PD office. I haven't read it yet, but am planning to. I'd love to see you review it.

  8. Glad you enjoyed that time off. It's good for the soul.