Simply the Best

I was tagged by Brad Parker at Where's Travis McGee?. In exchange for being named one of his top 10 blogs, I now have to post my own top 10 faves here. And then, those named are supposed to post their top 10 faves in a similar fashion. But, no pressure. I won't be offended if you're too busy or never get around to it - that happens to me all the time.

So here they are, 10 faves...

9 girls:

Woman of the Law
- You'll see that some of my favorite bloggers aren't the most frequent posters. But that doesn't stop me from checking on them, almost every day. Reading WOTL is like reading about my life, except with a much more love life.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer
- APL cracks me up. This is a good one.

LJC FYI - Both LJC and the next on the list, Not Martha, are super popular, so I'm not really expecting any sort of reciprocity. But I love LJC's photography, and craftiness, and dog!

Not Martha - Crafty and resourceful. That's what I like in a blogger.

Not Guilty - Ok, so she never ever posts anymore. That's ok, I understand, she's got two babies. It doesn't stop me from checking all the time, hoping for an update.

Tea House Blossom - The THB is a funny and hip urban lawyer. I can relate to that.

Will Work For Favorable Dicta
- Another one who never posts. But I had to hope that maybe a mention here would get E Spat back to her keyboard.

Frolics and Detours
- Another public defender girl! I love that.

Leslie's Omnibus - Lots of cute little tidbits. And I was her inspiration to start blogging. Can't say I'm not flattered.

And 1 boy:

Tales of a PD Investigator
- What can I say? Sanchovilla is the man. Got to respect your PD investigators.


  1. Hey, thanks for the propss!!


    I confess I haven't been blogging much about law lately. I need to be better...

  2. If it had been your favorite eleven bloggers, I would have made the cut, right?


    It was close, wasn't it?

  3. Thanks, Ma! Big smoochies right back 'atcha!

  4. couldn't you have done this with citations of each other's articles? Somebody could make tenure out of that ...

  5. I'll admit, as soon as I pushed "publish" I thought of 10 more I wanted to include. And it also made me realize I should update my blogroll. I'm delinquent like that. Please, no one feel left out.

  6. Right back at ya, woman.

    (And note how polite I've been regarding the postseason? Admittedly, I will be truly bummed if Torre is out.)