We Should Do Something

I had a particularly frustrating time in court today. I walked out, cursing under my breath, wishing I could direct those words at my client, who I was hating so much. Nothing particularly bad had happened in court, but I had reached my frustration tolerance. And then I skinned my finger.

I got in my car, and opened the windows to glorious weather. A block away from the courthouse, I sat at a traffic light, and, I don't know what came over me, and I knew I should be happy, I was done with court and the day was beautiful, but I was sucking on my bleeding knuckle, and I just started to cry. You know, that one little second, where your face crinkles up and you just know you're not going to be able to help but to let it all out?

Three high school girls were walking on the sidewalk, next to my car. I didn't really see them there, but I heard one of the girls say, "Hey, look, that lady in that car is crying. We should do something." And the other one shouted one "Hi, Lady! Hi!" The two of them, then, were shouting, "Hi!"

I had my windows down, and I was less than ten feet away from them. So, I had to turn and smile and say hi. Kind of half-laughing, and feeling so awkward and embarrassed about these kids who were just looking at me through my window.

Then the third girl said "You stupid fucks, you know we're not supposed to be talking to fucking strangers. Idiots."

The light turned green, and I drove away. And I heard the girls behind me screaming, "Bye Lady! Bye!"

And I heard the third girl shout, "Shut up!"

I don't know. But it cheered me up. And I always feel like it's these little thirty-second interactions sometimes that can make such a big difference in a day.


  1. You sure they were in high school? "Were not supposed to talk to strangers" sounds like a middle school thing to say...

  2. No, I recognized their uniforms and the school that I was near. I think she was being a little sarcastic.

    And kids these days say "Stranger Danger!"

  3. Hahahaha..this is a pretty funny story.

    You should have played it up and shouted to them, "Hey, little girls..do you want some candy?" and laughed at the expressions on their faces.

  4. Hi Blondie! Hi!

    Hope you're having a better day today :).