Defending Michael Vick

Stephon Marbury came out in support of Michael Vick's dogfighting ways.

Hey, Stephon, didn't you notice that not even Michael Vick is defending Michael Vick?
We don't say anything about people shooting deers and shooting other animals, you know what I mean? From what I hear, dogfighting is a sport. It's just behind closed doors and I think it's tough that we build Michael Vick up and then we break him down ... I think he fell into a bad situation.

The only person breaking Michael Vick down is Michael Vick. But the most telling words in that statement? "From what I hear." Sure. From what you hear. From your "friend."

Michael Vick is doing the right thing by pleading guilty. Stephon Marbury might think that shooting deers and fighting dogs are the same thing, but I can tell you that it'd be very tough to find twelve people who feel the same way.


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  2. Dog fighting a sport??? Tell me a "sport" where someone is killed because they didn't win. Maybe Michael Vick should be electrocuted because he did not take the Falcons to the Super Bowl.

    OK, now that my rant is over and my lawyer hat is back on...I agree with you that Michael Vick isn't even defending himself. No amount of spin is going to save this guy...not that he deserves it.

  3. Marbery's comment reminds me of the time Latrell Sprewell stated that making $21 million dollars for playing basketball wasn't enough because he "had a family to feed" (note his yacht was repossessed today). I think that NBA stars (and others) live in a world where whatever they do is right, they get paid, and never get into trouble.

    Well, hopefully this is a wake up call. People who break the law, regardless of job or celebrity, should be punished.

  4. So it's okay to kill deer with high-powered rifles and kill cows and eat them and wear their skins. But it's not okay to have dogs fight each other because a dog might die.

    I'm sure the jury would agree with the above statements, I'm just not sure if that says something about Michael Vick or the jury.

  5. Uhh..

    I had so much to say in a comment, but I think "stop1984now" pretty much took the words out of my mouth...

  6. from marginal revolution...

  7. I started reading the comments with the first one. It's now three days later and I think I finished :).

    I liked this post. It's illegal and it's disgusting. Sometimes analagies, such as to eating meat, just don't work. I hope his football and dog fighting careers are both behind him permanently.

  8. Dog Fighting is a "sport" of sorts. If Mike Vick had just been fighting dogs, he wouldn't have gotten so much heat. The killing of dogs is wrong. However, down her in Texas, where I live, dog fighting is a more serious crime than a man who punches his wife in the face and beats her down. I personally find that insane and offensive...and I'm a man. Any harm to a human to me should be punished more harshly than harm to an animal. We can humanize dogs, but we can't humanize humans? ? ? and...umm...what about that death penalty thing? ?

    People should also note that in lieu of all the horrific things that go on in our country, using this volume of resources to put a multi-millionaire in jail for a year is questionable at best.

  9. I'm outraged - but I have a right to be, I'm vegetarian :)