Not So Glamorous

I just needed to ask you something about the lyrics to Fergie's Glamorous.

You know that part, where she's almost kind of rapping? Ok, at the end of that, when she says...

Sippin', reminiscing
on days when I had a Musss...

Every single time you hear it, no matter that the radio plays it twenty times a day, don't you think for sure that this time, she's going to say, "on days when I had a Mus... tache?"

Or, maybe it's just me.


  1. It is Mustang.

    Wear them gold and diamonds rings
    All them things don't mean a thing
    Chaperons and limousines
    Shopping for expensive things
    I be on the movie screens
    Magazines and boogie scenes
    I'm not clean, I'm not pristine
    I'm no queen, I'm no machine
    I still go to Taco Bell
    Drive through, raw as hell
    I don't care, I'm still real
    No matter how many records I sell
    After the show or after the Grammies
    I like to go cool out with the family
    Sippin', reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang

    And now I'm in...

    First class
    Up in the sky
    Poppin.. champagne
    Livin.. the life
    In the fast lane
    And I won..t change
    For the glamorous
    Ooh, the flossy, flossy

    I assume she is saying that Mustangs are not first class. Although you would think she would say something about what she is currently driving on the bridge, like a Benz or something. Then again, she's the one who sang "My humps" with the Blackeyed Peas!

  2. Sometimes, I'm so slow...Your link went to the lyric page...Is it too late to withdraw my last comment?

  3. No, I get that she clearly does say "Mustang," I knew that even before I went to the lyrics page, but it's something about the way she says Musss....

    That I think it's always going to end with "...tache."

    And it would fit, you know, with what she was like "back in the day." She eats Taco Bell, she used to have a Mustache.

    Also, she doesn't sing "I drove a Mustang," she says, "I had a Mustang," and I feel like "had" goes more with Mustache than with Mustang.

    Now I've typed mustang so many times that it's starting to look funny.

  4. It's not the mustache she had that bothers me, it was the beard. On her, it just didn't work.

    Just so you know, I found you by way of Kilroy, and have added you to my daily travels.


  5. I always think this, too. I am always certain she's going to say mustache" and then I have to correct myself before it happens.... It's bizarre.

  6. I thought the same thing. When I sing along I say "mustache."

    What the hell does "ooh, the flossy, flossy" mean anyway? I always thought it was "flopsie flopsie."

    I still don't understand how she is famous. She's not that pretty and her voice is terrible. She performed it live on "So you think you dance" a couple weeks ago (don't judge me for the crappy tv that I watch) and was absolutely horrible.

  7. Wow. It had been a few days and I was starting to think that maybe I was the only one.

  8. My husband thought the same thing. Now, I cannot stop hearing it that way.

  9. Every freakin' time.

  10. Fergie's a man, baby. Which would make her... Josh Duhamel's beard?

  11. I was just joking about this at work. lol lol lol!
    I sit back and reminisce about the days when i had a musssstache! Like she used to have one before she could afford to get it waxed or lazered off! so funny!