Corn, Baby, Corn

Driving in the car tonight, I noticed that the girl in the car next to me was eating corn on the cob. A little weird, right? Because it's not exactly a food I would think would be easy to eat while driving. A sandwich, maybe. A slice of pizza? Sure. Some cookies or something? Great. But, corn on the cob? It's not what comes to mind.

Anyway, it gets weirder. She was holding the corn cob vertically while eating it. Who does that? It made me think that she had maybe never seen corn on the cob before and was trying to figure it out - like that scene in Big, when Tom Hanks is eating those little baby ears of corn.

I thought maybe she was just trying to get the few very top kernels or something. But, no, traffic was bad, I sat next to her for a while, and that's how she kept eating.

I wonder if it was even cooked corn.

If it helps at all in your upcoming analysis, she appeared to have maybe been Asian (I'll admit, I was staring at the corn more than her face) and the car had Canadian license plates. So, is this maybe an Asian thing? A Canadian thing? An Asian-Canadian thing? Or is she just a freak?

One more thing... she had a really really huge GPS screen on her windshield. Freakishly big. It was like, HDTV or something. And I just had to wonder, is that because she drove really far?


  1. Yeah, it's totally an Asian-Canadian thing. If you go to certain neighborhoods in Toronto, it's weird NOT to vertically eat ears of corn while you're driving around. They would probably peek in the window at you and think, what the hell, is this an American lawyer thing?

  2. Did the corn have those little corn holders in the ends?

    Maybe she was going to eat it once she got home, but seeing as how jammed traffic was, she decided to eat the corn right then?

    For the record, I'm an Asian who doesn't eat corn on the cob. I cut it off.

  3. Never seen the vertical cob thing.

    I eat my corn typewriter-style (left to right, then carriage return for the next rows). Husband eats in circles, then shifts to the right. We wondered who our oldest son would take after once he "graduated" to corn on the cob.

    Neither, as it turns out. He takes bites out of completely random sections of the cob. It's totally weird.

  4. Nope, no corn holders. And I should mention that it was a small cob - like a half-cob that you might get as a side dish in a restaurant.

    And that way, it was light she could bite one whole line of corn at a time holding it vertically and opening her mouth really wide.

    I wanted to take a photo, but I knew I shouldn't. And you would have died if you saw that big screen TV that they set up as a GPS.