Two Updates

1. I found my W-2s. And wouldn't you know it, they were in the last place I looked. (I love that, when people say, "They're always in the last place you look." Aren't things always in the last place you look? Why the heck would I keep looking once I found it?)

2. If tax day is approaching, that must mean Opening Day is also approaching. Right now we have just 7 teams signed up. That's less than previous years. So, umm, if you're just procrastinating, email me for the info and sign-up. Because, unlike death and taxes, you can't get an extension on fantasy baseball.

And, if you've already created a team, go set your player rankings for the draft. Because the draft is going to be soon. So, get ready.


  1. So, um, wanna tell me where that place was because I need to figure out where I put mine...

  2. Coffee table. Under a stack of mail that you thought was all catalogs.

  3. Mine wasn't in the last place that I looked. But then I'm looking for all the documents, not just the W-2. I still haven't found all the 1099's.

    The W-2 is in that pile next to the couch.