Save a Buck or Two

I've blogged before about my attempts to save a few cents.

Over the years, I've read almost any article I could find on how to save money. And, the truth is, most of the "tips" are so elementary I think, "Well, geeze, if you didn't know that, you don't deserve to save money."

You know, things like, "Turn off the heat or air conditioning when you aren't home to save on your energy bill." Gee, thanks. Or, "Withdraw enough spending money at your bank so that you won't have to pay ATM service fees." I guess maybe there are people who don't know that. But I've been known to walk a few extra blocks to save the $2 service fee. Not that I think $2 is a ton of money, but because I think, otherwise, withdrawing money at the nearest ATM could become a bad habit, which would add up.

So, anyway, here's a Blonde Justice money-saving tip: has just about every coupon code or promotion code you could ever want. If you're shopping on the internet, and you notice that the checkout page has a space for you to enter a promotion code, check Retail Me Not to see if you can save some money.

I was just sending flowers to a family member that had surgery and I saved $6! On something I was going to buy anyway. You can't beat that, can you?

I will warn you, though, that you should be careful on Retail Me Not. Because if you're like me, you'll find coupon codes for places where you've already shopped and you'll be so frustrated thinking about all of the money you already could have saved if some other nice blogger had given you the same courtesy that I'm giving you now.

Use it for good, never for evil.

(Oh, and hey, you know what else saves money? Participating in the Blawgers Women's Basketball Tournament Pick 'Em. How so, you ask? Well, first, it's free. Second, you can win prizes. Free prizes are a great way to save money. And third, it's so entertaining that you won't need to spend money on other entertainment expenses like... going out to the movies or something.)


  1. Hey, Im glad you liked retailmenot. Dont forget to check out the 'bookmarklet' too. Its so simple, all you have to do is add the bookmarklet to your favourites, and then everytime you are at an online checkout and you see the space to enter a coupon code, you can just click the bookmark and it will open retailmenot in a new window with coupons for the site you are on!



  2. What's up,
    I've been a fan of your blog for some time. I happened to know very well as a kid the screenwriter from Legally Blonde 2 (Electric Boogooloo). She's awesome and so is your site. ANYHOOOOOO...

    I just broke my blog virginity today with a site devoted to politics, helping the indigent, satire, "the law," sports handicapping, and dirty humor.

    I chose this site as it seems to fit in and hope some write back with a legitimate comment with regard to indigeny issues or preferably, a dirty joke or two.

    This world we live in need to to lighten up. If you don't enjoy some "obscene" language, I encourage you to visit so as to understand the joys of it. A smile sometimes can brighten up a person's day. Legal aid with a smile is hard to come by. I look forward to either dirty jokes or legitimate legal questions I can try to help with.

    The Legal Beagle from "That Other Legal Blog"

    P.S. Just noticed I may have a crush on your pooch!

  3. I can't believe retailmenot commented on my blog. Wow, I guess they read the Best Blog by a Female Public Defender.

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