It's Back! Women's Tournament Challenge

Ah, finally, March. When the country goes mad for Women's Basketball.

I'm sure your office and the 10 other blogs you read have March Madness brackets. But Blonde Justice is the only place where you can find the Second Annual Blawgers Women's Bracket.

Matter of fact, it's so elusive, I couldn't even find this year's women's bracket page on ESPN. I had to go the men's bracket website, and try changing the word "men" to "women" in the website address bar. I'm serious.

But, I did that for you. And for us. So that we can all play along.

So here is the front page of the Women's Tournament Challenge. We are group #659. This should be a link to our Group Page: Blawgers Women's Bracket. (But I think that link might only work once you've joined the group??? I'm not sure.) The password, once again, is password.

(If that doesn't work for you, you can always email me, and I can invite you to the group.)

It's free to play and ESPN offers actual prizes. (Although there is no prize for being the Blawger's League Champion other than eternal glory for at least a year.) And all you have to do is pick teams in a bracket. So what do you have to lose?

Unlike Blawger's Baseball, there isn't a lot of nitty gritty to iron out. Here's our only group settings: You may enter or leave the group only before the season begins. (Once the season begins, on Saturday, March 17th, you're either in or you're out.)

Brackets can't be filled out yet (since I guess they don't know who will be on them yet), but you can sign up now and fill in your bracket after Monday, March 12th.

And if you need my advice on how to choose teams in your bracket, may I suggest the Aggie over the Horned Frog?


  1. Looks like it's you and me!

  2. Yeah, where is everyone? Last year we had a nice little turn out. Guess they couldn't handle the heat.