I Just Want To Go Home

If you watched the dog show tonight, you saw those Pedigree commercials.

Dogs in cages, with David Duchovny's voice-over:

I know how to sit.

How to fetch.

And how to roll-over.

What I don't know is how I ended up in here.

But I know that I am a good dog.

And I just want to go home.

Frickin' heart breaking, man.

When you buy Pedigree products, they'll make a donation to help dogs find loving homes. Or, you can donate to American Humane through the Pedigree site and Pedigree will match your donation.


  1. I cry every time I see that commercial. I give my own rescued pup an extra hug.

    I completely forgot that Westminster was on last night. Thank God I can catch it tonight!

  2. I had to stop my wife from watching those commercials because they were so disturbing to her, especially since where we live we can't have a pet.

    So tonight, I have to watch the Westminster show with remote ready to surf the instant a commercial comes on.

  3. Yeah - I can't watch those commercials. I cry every time. And since my parents own our pound dog, I can't even give her an extra hug!

  4. I know!! I was watching the Best in Show competition, and that ad came on, and by the end I was totally bawling!!!

  5. I rarely watch TV, but I think I would hurl portions of injurious food at it if I saw a commercial like that. Not because it's bad, but because it's too good. I wish I could adopt a puppy. Studio livin' isn't the best environment for one, though.