I missed last night's Gilmore Girls. Anyone want to fill me in or point me to a good Gilmore recap? TWOP only has a mini-recap so far, which, frankly, cut to the chase a little too quickly for my liking.

I don't know... I kind of liked Christopher better than Luke. Because I feel like there's something kind of nice about ultimately ending up with your baby daddy. But Luke is kind of shaping up to be a good guy, and Christopher is kind of shaping up to be a jerk.

And I am feeling impressed with Logan, he's certainly shaping up to be a nicer young man than I originally thought.

And I am the only one who doesn't give a crap about that pregnant girl and her airhead boyfriend or husband or whatever he is? I'll confess, I generally fast-forward through their scenes on my Tivo-brand recording device.


  1. Can't really help you. The whole Christopher-the-eternal-loser-gets-rich-and-gets-Lorelai-back bit seemed contrived, rather than arising out of the characters' motivations. I liked Luke better---I guess I identify with his disinterest in acquiring social skills---and when that started to go bad, I stopped watching. Also, I had Logan pegged for gay-and-overcompensating.

    Not helpful, I know, but I just had to get that off my chest.

  2. I *heart* Gilmore Girls - honestly, not much happened until those pivotal last two minutes where Lorelai and Christopher broke up.

    "I need you to know that you're the man I WANT to want."

    I do not understand how this woman does not have an Emmy nod.

    Try this link:

    If you scroll down just a bit, there is a recap for "Farewell, My Pet" and you can then click on "read more," which will take you to a nice, long recap of the episode.

    Are you Beauty and the Geek-ing it this season? Ending TWIST!!

  3. do you mean Lane? yeah, kind of hate her now -- and hello, have you ever seen such an unrealistic-looking pregnant person? ick. it's pretty sad that she's so boring now, she used to be pretty funny in the earlier seasons -- then again, the people who are writing the show now clearly have no idea how to keep it going in its wonderful old style, so that's probably to be expected :(

  4. Blonde, I strenuously disagree about Christopher! The idea of ending up with your babydaddy is romantic in the abstract, but not when he's been a deadbeat babydaddy for 20 years! I want me some Luke back.

  5. I think the new writing's just getting its legs. They messed up having her marry Christopher and did not hear the end of it until they wove in their demise of the marriage.

    I thought the show was getting stupid and way too silly at the start of the season, and the witty banter was staggering about as if filled with helium, but it's definitely gotten more interesting during the last few episodes.

    I'm not saying the way they "took care of" Christopher was well done or even believable, but then what can you do. Us viewers need to keep liking Lorelai but not hate Christopher while yearning for Lorelai and Luke to at least be friends again....