Blawgers Baseball

It is mid-February, and you know what that means.

Time to start talking about the Blawger Fantasy Baseball season.

Gideon has been kind enough to set up Blawgers Baseball, the blog. And to give us the full range of options for our league.

So, go weigh in. Then, once I get a feel for everyone's opinions, I can set up the Blawger Baseball League.


  1. Like the blog. I've added a link on my own which is a fictional diary of a pupil barrister in England (see Cross links much appreciated though no worries if not. Best wishes, BabyBarista

  2. Hi Blondie...any idea when registration will start?

  3. I guess I need to talk to Gideon and figure out what kind of league we're going to have before I set it up.

    I'm not dying to do a live draft, but I guess if everyone else is into it, I'll go along.

    We need to decide soon!

  4. I am DYING for Blawger Baseball! And boooooo to a live draft. That's too hardcore for me.

  5. I participated in my first live draft ever last night and it was quite a bit of fun!

    It is a little involved, in that you have to sit at (or near) your computer for an hour or two and make the picks yourself.

    The upside is that it's like a bit of a party and you can't blame Yahoo! for the lousy players you get via autodraft. This time it's on you!

    The pros of the autodraft obviously are that it takes absolutely no effort and you can blame a lousy computer.

  6. I'm torn...torn like an old sweater.

    I like the idea of a live draft which I do in my football league every year but the idea of doing with with bb players I'm not familiar with is frightening.

    I also want to be able to blame Yahoo, if I'm not able to (ahem) DEFEND MY TITLE!