Best Super Bowl Ad

I can't be the only one who thought the best commercial of the night was for Flomax...

"Here's to guys who want to go less at night."
Ummm, go where?

"Will help problems like frequently waking up to go..."
I frequently wake up to go to work, will it help with that?

"...Going Often..."
Going where often? They're out camping. That kinda looks fun... you can't go camping often if you take this?

"...weak stream..."
They're OLD MEN KAYAKING! A weak stream is a good thing!

"...if you've had cataracts, tell your eye surgeon..."
Ohhhh, this whole thing was about eye medicine?

Man, those guys are drinking a lot of water. They're really going to have to stop and pee soon.

Believe me, if you had my commentary at your super bowl party, you would've agreed this was the funniest ad of the night.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Those prescription med ads are getting worse and worse with their oblique references to nothing!!

    And somehow it's always so with the Viagra ads. You have no idea what they're selling.