Well, The Truth Is...

If you didn't yet read my previous post, 4 Things You Don't Know About Me, you should probably start there before reading this.

Done? Ok, then here's the truth to 4 Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I broke my right wrist in 2nd grade, when I fell off the see-saw (or teeter-totter, whichever you prefer.)
Absolutely true. Some girl that was twice my size jumped off her end of the see-saw and I fell down and broke my wrist trying to brace my fall. The girl didn't even stick around to see if I was ok, and I had to walk all the way home, crying. It was 4th of July weekend. The thing that really pissed me off? A few weeks later, I was at the same playground, wearing my cast on my wrist, and she came over to me, real friendly, and said, "What happened to your wrist?"
Not one single commenter guessed that this was false. I guess you all already recognized the hidden dangers of see-saws.

2. I have never seen any Rocky movie.
Sure, I've seen the same clip a few hundred times (Someone in a bed saying something like "Do something for me - win," because they show it on the big screen at other sporting events, in an attempt to rally the fans), but I've never seen any more than that. No particular interest to, either.
Six commenters guessed incorrectly that this was false.

3. I am allergic to newsprint. It makes my fingertips itch and burns my throat and nose.
As strange as it may sound, this is absolutely true. All through school we'd have current events classes where we had to read the newspaper, and I always got special accommodations (usually, the teacher would have to photocopy the article for me). The worst thing is if I'm in an enclosed space, like a bus or something, and the person next to me starts reading a newspaper. Yuck. As a result, I'm more of a magazine reader, and I get all of my news online or from tv/radio.
Four commenters guessed incorrectly that this was false.

4. I don't know how to swim.
Blatantly untrue. I learned how to swim before I learned how to walk. I swam on swim teams, I've swam in every pond, lake, river, and ocean I could find. And, not only that, but I've mentioned swimming on the blog here and here.
Four commenters guessed correctly that this was the lie. And being able to know when someone is lying to you is an important trait. Congratulations to you.

5. I have eaten (and enjoyed) frog legs, escargot, and alligator. But not at the same time.
I may be telling a little too much about myself here, but one time, I was at the lake in my town (swimming, probably), when my father and I heard a big frog croaking. We went looking for it in the grass and finally found it. My father caught it under a bucket, and we took it home and took it straight to the porch where my father barbecued the frog legs. And I remember, clear as day, that we ate them right there on the porch, next to the grill. We didn't even wait to get them inside and onto a plate. And it was delicious. I also forgot to mention that I've also eaten grasshoppers. The actual insect, not just grasshopper brand cookies.
Not one commenter guessed that this was false. You all give me much more credit as an adventurous eater than I probably deserve.

So, there you have it. I hope you had as much fun with this as I did. Thank you to That Lawyer Dude (who still hasn't posted his answers!) for the inspiration. If you had so much fun that you want to do it again, check unblague's version or pseudostoops all-food version.


  1. I thought it was the Newsprint. On the other hand I have not posted because I had suggested we wait till Jan. 31. Nevertheless since you are the only one who guessed, I will give you your props now. I was not voted "Most Likely To Be a Prosecutor" in law school but only because there was no vote. Had there been I infact would have won.
    I had this wild and crazy idea prosecutors wanted to do justice...
    The only reason I didn't go to the other side was that I met my wonderful wife a few months before graduation and she didn't want to live anywhere other than Long Island. I had a job offer from the Nassau Legal Aid Society and a House in Nassau County I could afford on the salary they paid so I jumped on it. That is how I wound up astonishing everyone at Hofstra Law School in 1984, except for Professor Doug Colbert who recommended me for the job and convinced me to interview for it.

  2. That seems like a pretty fun game.

    I would have guessed that the newsprint one was a lie. But who knew? Learn something new every day.

  3. I figured the newsprint thing was real because it was too random of an allergy to be made up.

  4. Blonde Justice wrote: " ... see-saw (or teeter-totter, whichever you prefer)"

    Oh, it's not just a preference, it's a crusade ... gotta go with teeter totter.