Tell Me This Isn't Funny

I watched the Rose Bowl today. It turns out that, unlike the Rose Parade, the Rose Bowl has no roses. Not even anything rose colored.

Anyway, I watched the first few minutes, thinking that it might get rosier.

So in the beginning they had, interspersed with the game I guess, little clips of different players speaking about different things - where they're from, their interests, I don't know, whatever they wanted I guess.

One of the players was named John David Booty. Ok, first of all, "Booty" is just funny. I predict that his wife will never take his name. Matter of fact, the name "Booty" almost made it worth it to watch the game. You just have to use your imagination - the announcers were full of quotes like "Booty looking for the tight end." You can't beat that.

Then to make it even better, they had the little 30-second clip of Booty talking about himself. (Booty on Booty, right?) I'm paraphrasing but his clip went like this:

I'm John David Booty. I'm from Louisiana. My parents call me John David. My father's name is John. My name is John. It would've got confusing if my parents called us both John. Because we're both named John. So my parents call me John David. Because that's my name. My first name is John and my middle name is John David. So my parents call me John David. So that's what people call me. That's my name.

I watched a little longer, and whenever they mentioned John David Booty (which was a lot, apparently he's the major player), I kept thinking, "Gee, I wonder why they call him that. I wonder if they could get him to explain that a little further. Do they call him that because it's his name? I'm confused."

I was cracking myself up.

Ok, maybe you had to be there.


  1. I watched the game too...Only I was swearing at the TV since Michigan was so drastically out coaches.

  2. I made the following comment, "No man should be called Booty unless he's in Nascar." But having not seen that clip, that would have explained so much....

  3. I wish my last name was Booty. I think it'd be appropriate.

  4. I had a conversation with my mom about this while my family was watching the game. How badly do you think John David Booty got teased when he was a child? Or even as an adult?

    I told my mom that there's no way his wife would take his last name - or I wouldn't, at least.

    Happy new year!

  5. Yeah my last name is Chase... can you imagine that combo. Miss Chase-Booty, Esq. I'd get laughed at even more than I already do.