John David Has A Big Ol'...

Today I pretended that I knew something about football and talked to guys about the game.

"How about that guy Booty?" I asked.

"Yeah, he was good."

"Did the announcers say 'Booty is wide open?'"

"Um... no."

"Maybe they did, right? Maybe they said, 'Booty is wide open,' right? You don't know everything they said, do you?"

"Well, that wouldn't make any sense. Booty is a quarterback, he wouldn't be wide open."

"So, what you're saying is Booty was never wide open?"

"Ugh, just stop."

I also spent a lot of time thinking about women who might marry Booty and hyphenate their name. Let's see... do you think Jason Biggs has a sister?


  1. Hahahaha..where I grew up, the last name Boutte was very common. Pronounced with a French accent, like "Boo Tay." Always made us giggle.

  2. You really like Booty huh? 2 Posts centered around Booty...I'm beginning to think you have a thing for Booty.

    A big ole Booty lover.


  3. does Jack Black have a sister?

    or Jack White from the White Stripes?

  4. Now my head hurts from keeping up with this. We share the blonde thing. Hi, I'm Christina btw. Nice to meet you. *extends hand*

  5. Related:

    Arkanasas' coaches name is Houston Nutt. Their QB's name is Casey Dick. I was cracking myself up one time with things like, "Nutt's Dick can't the Gators."

    (Of course, Arkansas ended up losing to Florida.)

  6. Bwahahahahahahahaha! Clever!

  7. That sounds like something I'd say! Love it!!