World AIDS Day

When I started as a PD, I was absolutely shocked at how many of my clients were infected with HIV/AIDS.

I remember one of my first clients who told me he had AIDS. I asked his permission to tell the Judge, and he consented.

When the case was called, I approached the judge and tried to get my client released, pleading, "Please, Judge, he has AIDS." The judge said, "Counselor, many of your clients have AIDS. What's your point? He can get his medicine in jail."

And it's true. Many of my clients have HIV/AIDS. As to whether or not they get their medicine in jail (or, the right medicine) is still open to debate.

Please check some of these AIDS websites today (and feel free to add your own in the links in the comments):


  1. When I first started at my PD office, I was in a very rural area. AIDS/HIV wasn't as widespread. I recently moved to a more urban location and I'm shocked by the number of people that have HIV/AIDS and/or Hep C and how woefully ignorant people that don't deal with the face of these diseases everyday are about the disease and how widespread it is. Thanks for the post!

  2. I recently saw on the news that AIDS is growing fastest in the black community (which I think has been going on for some time). I don't know why that is? Disproportionally poorer?