Untitled Follow-Up

Well, it's been almost one year and I am finally ready to follow-up on the Untitled post from last January.

The friend that I was thinking about when I wrote that post is finally pregnant (shout out to modern science), and far enough along that I feel safe writing about it.

The acquaintance whose newborn died has since had a healthy and happy daughter.

And the final commenter is now counting two little blessings.

What a difference a year makes.


  1. I was so pleased to read this entry in your blog. I know a year makes a big difference too and I have a few questions for the big guy myself when I get there. A family member of mine after struggeling with infertility seemed to be blessed with a newborn in an adoption. The adoption fell apart leaving destruction in its wake. I won't go into the details but the domestic adoption laws are in need of a serious overhaul. Why anyone would risk domestic adoption is beyond my comprehension when the birth mother can make up stories akin to kidnapping and be believed. Now there is a child in fostercare(birth mom has a cocaine problem too)two loving parents without a child and out of pocket significant moeny which they will never be able to recoup. I won't even mention the near destruction of a 20 year career. Good riddence 2006....

  2. It is crazy. Another couple that we know had a domestic adoption all set up, they took their baby home and the mother called to say she changed her mind. (The state she was from allowed mothers a window of maybe 30 days to change their mind.) They gave the baby back, and went though a mourning period about losing the baby. About a week later she realized she couldn't take care of the baby (she was living in a shelter) and reaffirmed the adoption. Now they have this weird open adoption with visitation - I think at that point they were willing to agree to anything to get the baby back. AND, at the very same time my friend got pregnant with twins - now they have 3 little babies at home. And guess what, the birth mother has had another baby too.