California, Florida Suspend Executions

I don't blog much news, legal or otherwise, but I thought this was newsworthy and certainly not being covered in the media much that I've seen.

California, Florida Suspend Executions after an execution by lethal injection in which it took 34 minutes for Angel Nieves Diaz to die.
Executions in Florida normally take no more than about 15 minutes, with the inmate rendered unconscious and motionless within three to five minutes. But Diaz appeared to be moving 24 minutes after the first injection, grimacing, blinking, licking his lips, blowing and appearing to mouth words.

As a result of the chemicals going into Diaz's arms around the elbow, he had an 12-inch chemical burn on his right arm and an 11-inch chemical burn on his left arm, Hamilton said.

That's a civilized nation for you.


  1. Sadly, I think the next step will be that the condemned with have to swallow a pill.

  2. CITIZENS for POLITICAL OVERSIGHTDecember 16, 2006 2:40 PM

    This absurd obsession over criminal rights !!! The few moments of "discomfort" this guy allegedly experienced is little compared to the victim and family's. GET OVER IT !!!!

  3. " This absurd obsession over criminal rights !!!"

    Yes, it's absurd really. I mean, the founding fathers devoted the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendments to protecting the rights of the accused.

    They were clearly obsessed.

  4. the guillotine still seems like the best all around solution. Quick, and almost impossible for a malfunction that would cause pain. Too bad it has the negative associations of the French Revolution.

  5. Right. I'm sure the founding fathers would have given a rat's ass about about a maggot like Angel Diaz, an extremely dangerous criminal who had killed before while in prison and whose history involved armed robbery and attempted escape from prison.

    Our founding fathers would have had him hanged after a fair trial for the first murder he committed, and his second victim would not have had his head blown off.

    Criminal rights, yes. Ridiculous levels of concern that an execution might involve pain or discomfort? That's truly an unreasonable obsession. But no matter what humane method is devised, I suspect it will never be good enough, because the issue is not really the pain felt by the murderer, but the political desire to abolish the death penalty.

  6. They just stopped executions in MD, too.

  7. As opposed as I am to the death penalty, I think that if we MUST conduct executions, we should do it with single gunshots... it's much simpler.