Broke My Streak

By the way, I broke my "no plea" streak. I think I took 3 pleas this week - 1 on Tuesday and 2 on Thursday. So, we're back in business. Let the Christmas shopping begin.

Although, none of the pleas were to crimes and no one went to jail. Do you think that still counts?

On another note, I also realized that I went a little over a month without Starbucks, a streak that I finally broke one day last week when a friend bought me Starbucks.

Because, really, who can afford Starbucks when you're not rainmaking with $50 pleas?


  1. Is it pled or pleaded?
    I favor the former, but the world is against me.

  2. Grammatically correct is "pleaded" but I think pled sounds right. I usually end up saying "took a plea" or something along those lines.

  3. Yeah, I don't like "pleaded" either- maybe that's why we're still slogging along through a two year old case over here- I can't figure out the right word so I can't take the plea and get my $50!

  4. It counts because fewer crimes and less people in jail are good things. I think. Dunno. Haven't had Criminal Law yet. ;-)

  5. "pleaded" sucks, grammer aside. I say pled regardless...:)

  6. "Main Entry: plead
    Pronunciation: 'plEd
    Function: verb
    Inflected Form(s): plead·ed /'plE-d&d /; or pled also plead /'pled/; plead·ing
    Etymology: Middle English pleden, plaiden, from Anglo-French plaider, pleder, from plai plea"

    Always go with the KISS principle! E.g., "My client pled guilty...."