Beware of Box

I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year, and I decided to ship everything to my parents' house, where I will be for Christmas, rather than packing it in my luggage to bring to my parents' house.

I had everything shipped to my name at my parents' address. In the extra address line, I added, "DO NOT OPEN TIL XMAS!" just in case someone got curious.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my mother is really nosy, and might need a little more of a direct warning.

So I called my mother and told her, "I'm having some things shipped to the house for Christmas. Don't open them."

My mother, as nosy as she is, still tried to get some type of clue.

I could almost hear her mind working.

"Well... umm.... how many boxes are coming? How big are those boxes going to be? Where are they coming from? Maybe you should give me the tracking numbers so I know when to be home..."

Again and again, I just kept telling her, "Just sign for the boxes and don't open them!"

She must've been desperate when she asked, "Does it need refrigeration? Don't you at least want me to put it in the fridge?"

What?! What did she think I bought?

So, in my most serious voice, I said, "Ok, fine... if she starts barking, you can give her a milk-bone. But that's it."

My mother has now called me 3 times to ask if I really shipped a dog to her house, and what kind of dog it is, and where it came from...


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  2. Your mother is the greatest! You're going to feel really bad when you get home and find that she's purchased more than a few dog accessories for her new pup!