Why Is It...

That when you just spent, oh, let's say, an hour, typing this stupid motion, and then stupid WordPerfect, which should just be outlawed anyway, stops "responding," and devours everything you've done...

Why is it that it feels a thousand times worse to retype things you've already typed?

I mean, it makes sense that is should feel a little bit worse than the first time through, but it really feels at least a thousand times worse.

Even the things that usually give me a little bit of pleasure, like quoting the prosecutor's motion and filling it with "[sic]" to highlight all of his spelling and grammar mistakes, are about a thousand times less pleasurable when I'm just redoing them.

"It's kind of... a bummer," as Ellen Feiss would say.


  1. this post just made me have a moment of rage remembering the 20 page memo that wordperfect ate when i was on the last paragraph.

    my sympathies.

  2. I like Wordperfect law office (r). The FLorida Courts use Wordperfect, that makes it a necessity. Wordperfect has a great reveal codes and publish to .PDF (Federal Court Filing)functions which makes the freezes tolerable. It has been pretty stable for me, but not perfect.


  3. Try using bullets in wordperfect. That a good way to lose everything.

  4. Motion: I declare WordPerfect to be WordImperfect. You should sue for breach of fiduciary duty on their part! And...charge them with fraud...does WP really ever completely do what it claims to do? I feel intentionally deceived! I'm sure Microsoft has known about this for a long time, and just sweeps it all under the carpet. They're evil. Uber-evil!