Turn It Up

What I want to know is... XM or Sirius?

Let me give you a few factors that might effect your advice:

1. I'm really looking for something for the car, so the actual radio itself doesn't matter as much - I'm going to go with one installed directly into the car. (I think XM has better portable radios than Sirius, but at this point, it's not a factor for me.)

2 I'm mostly in the car for long drives, including an occasional somewhat-long morning commute.

3. I don't really like to listen to most talk radio (I don't listen to Howard Stern, who is on Sirius), but I do like a lot of the NPR shows (which are also on Sirius).

4. Mostly I'll be listening to a lot of music, so a good variety of good music stations would be best.

5. While I am a baseball fan (MLB is on XM), I'm probably not in my car during most of the games anyway (not a lot of 8 am games). And, I'm usually within range to get regular AM broadcasts for my favorite teams.

So, tell me what you think. And feel free to leave comments if you have more info for me.

I had to take down the poll because somehow it turned into "A Piercing for Erica! What should I get pierced? Eyebrow, lip, or other." How strange is that? So far, everyone says eyebrow.


  1. I haven't tried either one. I voted for XM because Wil likes it.

  2. For music, you won't be able to beat your iPod plus allofmp3.com, but you gotta have the NPR.

  3. I have Sirius and I love it. I like listening to Howard Stern and NPR, so I can't go wrong! I like the music on Sirius just fine, but I tend to listen to radio for the talk more than the music. I will say, though, that since having Sirius, I haven't had a single road trip that didn't seem unbelievably short. When I moved from Texas to Washington, it was the easiest road trip I've ever done, thanks to the Sirius. You never have dead air, you don't have to constantly change channels from town to town, and very little commercials.

  4. OMG..I'm in the middle of trying to make the same decision!! Please let me know what you decide. I'm also at a loss.

  5. I've listened to both, but prefer XM. If you just have to have Howard Stern and the NFL, then Sirius is the station to get. If you like MLB and Oprah, then XM is the station to get. To be completely honest, except for their exclusives, they are really the same (such as snoop dog on xm). Sirius has NPR but XM has it's own equivalent.

  6. Blondie-

    Everytime someone buys an XM radio, a puppy dies...Keep that in mind while you're looking for a Satellite radio set-up.

    I just ordered Sirius last week and they do have a new fancy (and small) portable live reciever if you're interested in that type of thing.

    They're both good though. Besides content they both have great sound and reception.

  7. I have Sirius. I like it.

    I got it because it had NPR and AirAmerica (ok, I am a liberal, sue me). But NPR does not include ATC and AirAmerica went to XM, oh well.

    Anyhow, I got it because I was mobilized and had 600 mile drives on 4 day weekends (it's an Army thing)to get home. And, I had to travel the Great Plains, where there is little on the radio.

    It worked wonders. Had I been traveling up and down the east or west coast, I might have chosen to stick with FM....

    Oh, just as important as the service is the radio you get. Best to get one you can take from the car to the office (with antennae at both locations).

  8. I have Sirius and my sister has XM. Sirius is better to me because I think they have a better music selection that ranges from Shade 45 (hardcore hip hop rap shit) to Classical (slow classical music stuff) and everything in between. My personal favorite is Sirius Shuffle which shuffles the top songs from all of their channels and put them on one channel. The talk radio is good to great, Howard Stern, ESPN, Conservative and Liberal. However the comedy channels are funny as hell.

  9. I have XM. My friend has Sirius. I've taken long road trips in both cars and listend to lots of music in both cars.

    Honestly... they're pretty equal. HOWEVER, XM is stronger financially, and there's plenty of talk that a merger will be the only way the two companies can manage to be profitable. So your choice might not matter at all in the long run.