October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I will color this blog pink for the entire month of October! Ok, but seriously, I have added a pink ribbon to the sidebar (right under Bijou), which should link to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

It's stupid but I have to mention one thing that really bothers me, though. And, I already know that it's stupid. But, it really bothers me when people say they "support" breast cancer (or any type of cancer, or any type of illness, or anything obviously negative). If you support breast cancer, you like it, you want it to do well. You're out there on the sidelines shouting, "Gooo Breast Cancer! Attack those normal cells!" Obviously, they mean that they support breast cancer research, or breast cancer patients or survivors, or whatever, but then just say that. That annoys me.

Anyway, because I oppose breast cancer, and I hope you do too, I've added the pink ribbon. Please take a minute to check out the link, or make a donation, or support someone who is involved in one of the many breast cancer fundraisers that are taking place this month. Thanks.


  1. "many breast cancer fundraisers"?

    Do you mean "breast cancer research fundraisers?" ;-)

    Just checking. As all us ladies should be doing monthly breast exams.

  2. You're right. You don't want to go to a fundraiser that supports breast cancer. But if it support research, or some particular charity that in some way raises money to some way help people with their breast cancer (wigs, or medication) or prevent breast cancer (mammograms for those that can't afford them) or breast cancer awareness (people who don't realize they should be getting exams), anything in that general "breast cancer" charity realm, you should support. So long as they don't support breast cancer.

    And... I've read now that some research says that self-exams don't help with early detection, but I think most doctors agree that it can't hurt, and you might just be one of the lucky ones that find something.

  3. "one of the lucky ones who find something"? Why would it be lucky to find a cancerous lump in your breat? I think you are a secret supporter of breast cancer.

    Obviously, just kidding.

    Your civil litigator friend in LA,


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  5. I have a theory that walking is what actually causes breast cancer and all these events are just contributing to the problem. Oh bitter irony.

  6. How about supporting it half way? Many people support breasts, but are against cancer. After all, I support my testes, but I'm against cancer.

  7. Victoria's Secret supports my breasts.

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