Justice? This is an Injustice!

Oh my goodness... If you're going to make a television shows supposedly based on "law," how freakin' hard is it to hire a real person who graduated from law school, or who has even stepped foot in a courtroom, or who has even watched a television courtroom drama, who can say, "Um, no, this has absolutely no basis in reality."

I'm watching Justice tonight. By the time I got to the opening credits, I wasn't sure I wanted to keep watching.

But I did.

And then I regretted it.

Except that it was bloggable.

And I learned some new interesting theories in criminal law.

Here's one little gem I picked up from Justice: If you have some incriminating evidence, don't give it to your criminal defense lawyer, because then they're legally bound to turn it over to the prosecution. Hmmm. Wow. So, all of my clients who I know are guilty... I should be calling the prosecutor to turn them in? I'll have to get to work on that tomorrow morning. Thank you, Justice.

And, second, I learned that if you, as a lawyer, suspect that someone else in the client's family committed the crime, you're just screwed. You can't bring that up in trial because you represent the whole family. (Really? The whole family? How about extended family? 3rd cousins?)

And, third, the family member admitting on the stand, "I know he didn't do it." "How do you know he didn't do it?" "Because I did it!" Oh, c'mon, we've all seen that on L&O plenty of times. Way more times than it has happened in real life.

My mind hasn't seen this kind of UNREALISTIC TELEVISION OVERLOAD since my mother made me watch Kevin Hill.

Justice, call me. I can help.


  1. Wouldn't your recommendation to hire a technical advisor qualify it as a reality show?

    In other news, a bit of a pro se litigant victory upon the filing of document number 114 located at www.maximumadvocacy.com ~ Notice of Withdrawal of Attorney.

    No word yet on how much the past court record tampering activities of the "separated" attorney played in the break-up with BIG LAW.

    Perform two random acts of kindness today.

  2. You need to do some more research on the legal and ethical duties of a defense counsel to turn over physical evidence (as opposed to confessional/admiision statements by an accused). There IS a duty to provide physical evidence to the prosecution, although the specific requirement will vary depending upon the jurisdiction's rules. Fair warning!

  3. Yeah, in my jurisdiction we are required to turn over physical evidence from the crime, albeit while taking whatever steps necessary to limit damage to your client, whatever that means.

    Otherwise, I totally agree with you. I can't watch law shows anymore unless they are being unrealistic on purpose, like Boston Legal. When they act like they're showing the American public how the criminal justice system really is, I can't stand all the inaccuracies.

    For example, you represent the entire family of your murder client. One of said family members is the real murderer. What can you possibly do? Oh, I don't know. Perhaps withdraw from the case!

  4. I watched the first two episodes and then couldn't stomach any more. The complete lack of understanding (or complete apathy) regarding basic procedural rules infuriated me.

  5. I can't believe that I may have actually beat you to a critique of a legal show!

    post here

    This show is horrendous. How about the prosecutor, during cross of the father, saying: "Really? We have receipts of you in Fresno". Uh, objection? Anyone? Anything? Just stand up please? Seriously.

  6. In NY, we don't turn anything over to anybody. And that's the way we like it.

  7. C'mon...we all know there has never been, and never will be, a law show as excellent, accurate and as deserving of all our praise as Ali McBeal! Go Ali!

  8. Nothing beats Matlock...walking a horse into court, taking the jury on one field trip after another, magicians with card tricks...I used to torture my anal retentive roommate in law school by making him watch it..watching him yell at the screen was entertainment enough..

  9. But, in all honesty...how many times a week do we hear "The cop never read me my rights, this has to be dismissed".....

  10. Stranger real tales of woe abound they could use to base there shows on...like my case for example : )

    23 years on death row and the witness recants and I am stuck cooling my jets for 8 years while the lower court tries to decide which of all the options will make it look less incompetent with judicial elections comming up in 2007. See, “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.”