Where'd Everybody Go?

Some weird things are going on around the internet. It's like I go on one very long Labor Day weekend extended vacation, and come back to find that the blawgosphere has gone nuts.

Audacity has moved, Alaskablawg is back, Monica of buzzwords and Fresh Pepper have packed it in, and Lammers of CrimLaw has apprently moved and started a new job, and it looks as though it may be... gasp... prosecutorial?

I hope to update my blogroll over the next few days. I've found a few good blogs to add, and there are some abandoned ones I need to take down (I have a one month rule).

If you want to send me any blogs or blawgs (legal or otherwise) that I may have been missing, I will gladly take them into consideration.


  1. Me! Me! Mine! Mine! Please, OH Please!

  2. I was unlinked, I think, when I stopped blogging several months back. But, I'm back at it, and would love it if you re-linked me!

  3. Me too: I was unlinked when I stopped blogging a while back. I'm back and have been going strong for a while now. Come check me out.